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Our Upcoming Events

On Saturday, February 26, Mary-Catherine will joining Delta Sigma Theta sorority to speak about nutrition for heart health. This event is closed to the public.

Mary-Catherine will be serving as the Nutrition Expert for the 7th Annual InDependent Wellness Summit. The summit runs from March 7-11 with Mary-Catherine bringing you a session on mindful eating to kickoff the summit on Sunday, March 6. This summit is free to all military and first responder spouses – past, present, and future. Register for the virtual event on the InDependent website

Are the holidays a tough time for you and your nutrition goals? You’re probably traveling more than usual, eating out more than usual, going to parties more than usual – it’s a tough time for most!

Instead of chalking up the holidays to a loss, join the Defy Food Guilt Program

During this program, we’ll be helping you:

  • Prepare for the holidays with smart goal setting
  • Survive throughout the holidays – and treat yourself with grace!
  • Thrive after the holidays with custom meal and fitness plans so you don’t have to run to join a gym on January 1 and hate your life on January 5! 
Registration is currently closed, but feel free to get on the waitlist for our spring cohort!