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Our Upcoming Events

Defy Nutrition (formerly Busy Babes Nutrition) is one of the top 5 nominees for Local Health/Medical Offices in Clarksville, Tennessee! We will be set up at a booth at the Best of Clarksville announcement event on October 7 from 5-8 pm at the Governor’s Square Mall. Tickets to the event are available here

Do you struggle with stress eating? Or maybe just eating on the go and never taking the time to actually slow down? 

From October 12-15, Mary-Catherine will be hosting a free mindful eating challenge – 100% online so you can join us from anywhere. 

Visit our challenge page to learn more and see if this is for you!

Or – if you already know it’s for you – join the Defy Stress Eating Challenge Group

budgeting for health

On Wednesday, October 20 at 5 pm CST, Annette Harris will be joining our private community to talk about financial wellness and budgeting for health!

Annette Harris is the Founder of Harris Financial Coaching. She works with clients to help them establish a budget, build their wealth, and plan for future goals. Are you getting ready to go on a vacation or do you want to plan for retirement? Annette is a trusted resource that can help you achieve your goals.

On Tuesday, October 26, Mary-Catherine will be leading a workshop on pre- and post-workout nutrition for the parents of iStroll Clarksville (as featured on their calendar!). 

You can learn more about iStroll and specifically the Clarksville, TN branch on their website. 

Are the holidays a tough time for you and your nutrition goals? You’re probably traveling more than usual, eating out more than usual, going to parties more than usual – it’s a tough time for most!

Instead of chalking up the holidays to a loss, join the Defy Holiday Food Guilt Program! During this program, we’ll be helping you:

  • Prepare for the holidays with smart goal setting
  • Survive throughout the holidays – and treat yourself with grace!
  • Thrive after the holidays with custom meal and fitness plans so you don’t have to run to join a gym on January 1 and hate your life on January 5! 

Join the waitlist now! There will only be 10 spots once registration opens.