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You deserve to be in the driver's seat of your fertility journey.​

90 days to controlling your fertility through nutrition & lifestyle

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Are you tired of feeling confused and out of control when it comes to conceiving?

Do you feel stuck, broken, or inadequate when it comes to fertility because nothing makes sense?

You probably know the feeling… You got off the birth control you’ve been on for 10+ years and now you’re ready. Everyone else seems to get pregnant without trying, so it should be easy for you too, right?

Doesn’t feel that way. You are so excited to start this journey with your partner, only to learn that it’s not as easy as you think.

Soon, the passion and excitement turns to meticulous tracking and trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

“Do I eat gluten and dairy?”

“Do I avoid them?”

“Am I exercising too much? Not enough?”

It’s so confusing. Each time you get a negative pregnancy test, your heart sinks a little. You feel out of control.

You’re not alone.

About 1 in 5 women struggle to get pregnant the first year trying.

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Nutrition is the missing piece to your fertility journey.

As a registered dietitian working with numerous clients who have been in your shoes, I have learned the importance of a holistic approach when it comes to infertility – from nutrition to exercise and stress management.

"Mary-Catherine makes nutrition easy to understand. I learned how to adapt a healthier lifestyle diet (way of eating) versus joining the latest diet fad which wreak havoc."

Because there is so much power in having others to support you on this journey, I bundled all of the amazing factors from my clients’ fertility successes into a 90-day program:

Fueling Fertility

Why 90 days? Because it takes follicles about 90 days to mature!

It’s why you can’t just eat a bite of egg and salmon every day for a week and expect it to increase your fertility overnight.

Here’s the long and short of it

Fueling Fertility is for you if you...

  • Want to regain control of your cycle and fertility journey
  • Are tired of feeling confused with all the fertility terminology
  • Want to increase your chances of natural conception to avoid the time, money and stress of fertility treatments

Fueling Fertility is me, live every week with new content to help you get back control during this journey. It’s a dietitian in your back pocket, helping you alongside a group of women experiencing the same struggles you are because 

You. Are. Not. Alone.

"Mary-Catherine was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about nutrition and coming up with goals and meals to help me along in my food journey. Highly recommend her services."

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll get in the Fueling Fertility Program:

  • 12 live sessions on topics that impact your fertility, from:
    • No, you don’t have to cut out carbs! Macronutrients for Fertility
    • The most important vitamins & minerals  for fertility
    • What the EStrogen is that?
    • How to manage stress and improve your fertility
    • Exercise’s role in fertility
  • A private 1:1 session with me (your registered dietitian) – because you deserve to be heard
  • Access to group support – on your own terms, if and when you want it
  • Access to discounted supplements for fertility 

Plus a bonus module for your partner:

“Surprise! You can’t get your partner pregnant every time you have sex with her. Here’s why”

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AND! If you sign up by September 10th, you’ll get a welcome gift in the mail from our partners over at Simple Body- full of skincare products that are free of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (because psssstt these play a huge role in fertility!)

"This was absolutely the best decision I have made for me. The meetings are very friendly and conversational, while still being filled with so much information. All of the information was explained in a way that I understood, without feeling like I was being talked down to. I really appreciate that everything was done in steps instead of all at once."

This program is valued at $3725, but I’m making it available to you for 

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes the cost of not doing something is greater than the cost of doing it.

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Why you need this program yesterday:

  • To regain control and agency over your fertility journey
  • To better understand your body, your cycle and all the fertility hoopla
  • To increase your chances of natural conception and saving the time, money, and stress associated with fertility treatment

Don’t wait any longer. Fueling Fertility starts on September 18!

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Hey, I'm your dietitian!

My name is Mary-Catherine, and I’m a registered dietitian who loves helping individuals like you optimize their nutrition so that they can eat like human beings and live healthier, happier lives – hopefully with kids alongside if that’s your goal! I spent the first 3+ years of my career working in endocrinology, and hormones are my jam. I know, probably a weird thing to say. Also my jam, though? Anything chocolate. I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait to walk alongside you on your fertility journey!