Defy Nutrition

mary-catherine labossiere - photo taken by mad faith photography

Our Founder

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, MPH, RD, LDN is the registered dietitian (RD) behind Defy Nutrition.

Mary-Catherine helps individuals repair their relationship with food and create sustainable, healthier habits with lasting results. 

Mary-Catherine has her bachelor’s in nutrition, master’s in public health, and a certificate in integrative and functional nutrition. She is a former competitive athlete who understands the nutritional demands of an active lifestyle.

Before that though, Mary-Catherine struggled with weight and body image. She grew up labeled “obese” which lead to bullying, dieting, and an eating disorder that almost took her life. Mary-Catherine finally broke free of the yo-yo dieting cycle, the weight loss and regain, and constant guilt and shame that came after every meal and snack — and now she’s ready to help you do that, too! 

On a personal note, Mary-Catherine is a military spouse and dog mom. She recently shared the “why” behind Defy Nutrition, which you can learn more about here. 

Our History

Defy Nutrition started off as Busy Babes Nutrition when we started in January 2020. We got a new look and feel in August 2021! Why, you ask? We didn’t want to continue the culture of overglorifying being busy. We understand that life is busy — but that doesn’t mean we need to put ourselves on the backburner. We also wanted to take a stand against diet culture, and thus was born our slogan: Defy the rules, defy yesterday’s you. 



Our Philosophy

We’re not just about breaking rules; we are about defying the norm. Diet culture has us all caught up in “do’s” and “don’ts” without recognizing that we are all individuals. Here at Defy, we take an individualized approach to your health and nutrition. We help you create sustainable habits that bridge the gap between where you are and who you want to be.

This was absolutely the best decision I have made for me. The meetings are very friendly and conversational, while still being filled with so much information. All of the information was explained in a way that I understood, without feeling like I was being talked down to. I really appreciate that everything was done in steps instead of all at once. The areas of focus were custom to me and my needs, and never felt like I was being pressured to do something I wasn't ready for. My sessions were all based on understanding what my body needs, and to listen to what it was telling me. In the 6 sessions I've had so far I've already accomplished so much. One of the smallest things (actually one of the best changes) was learning to give my body good whole foods at meal times. Learning to make myself breakfast by starting with a protein shake and eventually working up to real food was a massive change for me. It no longer feels like something I HAVE to do, it's something I WANT to do and actually look forward to. I can't thank you enough for everything you've taught me!
- Kristi R.