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Prime Day Deals, Oh My!

With inflation off the charts, households – including our own – are being more critical about their purchases. As with food and your health, I want to help you be confident in the decisions you make when spending money. So, I personally scoured through the Amazon deals from July 12 to 13 and compiled this list of can’t miss deals during this two-day sale. Some of these deals are already live now and have limited redemption times, so be sure to check back here frequently!

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Spring Cleaning to Manage Stress

Though spring cleaning started largely as part of religious traditions, we now hear it in religious and secular households alike each year. Whatever the reason: spring cleaning can help manage your stress eating. Read this post to learn more about clutter and emotional eating.

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Why I advocate for women to be their own healthcare advocates

This post is much more personal, and includes issues that I have personally experienced. This is my inspiration behind empowering women to be their own advocates and pushing for answers. I share this message with immense understanding for the individual human, the individual care provider because I, myself, am a healthcare provider. But our healthcare system is broken, and we need to help fix it.

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How Self-Sabotage Gets in the Way of Your Health Goals

Have you ever wondered why you self-sabotage your nutrition goals? Or maybe it’s not so easy for you to recognize, but you understand that perhaps you’re subconsciously self-sabotaging.

Either way, let’s talk about the forms of self-sabotage, WHY you do it, and how to work through it.

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