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Prime Early Access Deals Worth Buying

If you’re anything like me, it seems way too early to be doing holiday shopping. I mean, it isn’t even Halloween!

But Amazon Prime opened up their Early Access Sale from October 11-12 so that you can get that holiday shopping done earlier this year.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of some top finds during this two-day sale. Some of these deals are already live and have limited redemption times. 

Here’s what I looked for in each of the following products:

  • Percentage discount – is it substantial enough to make a difference?
  • Reviews – do products have at least 4 stars?
  • Usability – will this actually help you to put your health first, practice self-care, manage stress, and get in some joyful movement?


Last thing before we get into all these sales, you will need a Prime membership to actually take advantage of these deals. You can sign up for $7.49/month. If nothing else, the free 1-2 day shipping is worth that amount!


As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn commission from qualifying purchases if you use the links below. This does not affect how much you spend.

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For the Kitchen

This Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a serious kitchen upgrade! I use it for everything from cookies and breads to baked oatmeal and mashed potatoes. Plus, the color options are diverse and sure to fit any kitchen.

Take this gift a step further by opting for attachments, like the slicer shredder attachment (perfect for prepping veggies and cheese!) and the pasta maker, if you’re feeling fancy!

I don’t know about you, but when I like the plates my food is on, I’m more likely to enjoy my meal. If you’ve been putting off a new dinnerware set due to cost (cough, cough, calling myself out here), this distressed white set is a great option at nearly 60% off.

If you like bold colors, check out the metallic blue melamine dinnerware set, which is 35% off.

Sometimes plain water just doesn’t cut it, but hydration is important! Maybe you need to add some flavor with fresh fruit, cucumber slices, herbs or stevia-based water enhancers. Or perhaps you just need something bubbly!

Check out this SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Kit, which is 30% off during Prime Early Access Days. You can use this to carbonate water, juice, iced tea or coffee, wine and cocktails!

What a cool addition to your home bartending kit (36% off) and cocktail cart (20% off). 

Immersion blenders can be an amazing tool in the kitchen! Here are just a few examples of how you can use one:

  • Have a picky eater? Use the immersion blender to puree cooked carrots into your tomato sauce
  • Want to improve the quality of your baby’s food? Make your own!
  • Tired of chopping veggies? Attach the chopping jar to save those wrists. 


Immersion blenders are also great for dishes like gazpacho or a creamy autumn soup.  


Don’t want another handheld appliance? Check out the GE Food Processor, which is 38% off during Early Access Days. Use this to shred chicken, make hummus, or finely grate breadcrumbs. 

We recently acquired a Kitchen Aid toaster oven, and it has been a game changer! There’s something about not needing to preheat the oven or warm the entire room when you’re making a quick dish like nachos or chicken tenders (yes, even as a dietitian, we have those in our house!).

What would take that toaster oven a step further? Combining it with an air fryer function. Especially right now, being fall, items like apple fritters or pumpkin donuts sound delicious (check our latest comparison post), but I’d love to make them at home with the use of an air fryer. Insert the GE Digital Air Fryer Toast Oven + Accessory Set

Did I mention it even fits a 12″ pizza?!

If you’ve followed my content for a while, you know how much I love 88 Acres. Their products are seed based and made in an allergen-free facility, with peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy or sesame.

I especially love their chocolate sunflower seed butter (20% off) because it is significantly lower in added sugar and has more protein than Nutella.

You can eat this:

Joyful Movement

Did you know less than 1 in 4 Americans drink the recommended eight to ten glasses of water per day? 

Choosing an insulated, leak-proof tumbler can be a great way to encourage hydration – especially when it’s sleek like this one!

Joyful movement is movement that brings your body pleasure and joy. It could be anything from hiking to dancing to gardening and vacuuming! So, if you’re someone who, like me, has days when I’d rather do something more natural than go to the gym, these ankle weights can be a great and subtle way to increase the burn. They’re also a great addition to your Pilates and yoga practices!

You can also check out this adjustable dumbbell set. I love this option because it saves space – especially as a military family who frequently moves!

This deal is no joke at 72% off! I originally purchased a massage gun because my hands could not keep up with my husband’s muscles. It was my way of still showing I cared without the hand stress. However, it quickly turned into a self-care tool for myself. I especially love using it on my hip flexors after a long day of desk work!

Other Favorite Deals - LIVE NOW!

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