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Mary-Catherine, the owner of Defy Nutrition, has been featured in numerous media outlets. She has also served as a guest blogger as well as a podcast guest. Mary-Catherine also provides both virtual and in-person workshops on a variety of topics, including well-balanced plates, nutrition for performance, emotional eating, and more!

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The Healthy

From 4 Substitutes You Can Use for Coconut Milk
“Since dairy is the primary source of calcium in our diets, soy milk can be a great plant-based way to work toward our daily calcium goals without having to drink [dairy] milk.” – LaBossiere

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The Pararescue Foundation/5 By 5 Series

Mary-Catherine collaborated with Dr. Jennifer Byrne, owner of 5 by 5 Performance Therapy, to discuss nutrition for performance with pararescuers, combat rescue officers, and their families through the Pararescue Foundation

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Guide

Stars and Stripes has continued to partner with the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) for the third edition of the Military Spouse Entrepreneur Guide. The digital edition features an exclusive Military Spouse Business Directory – including Defy Nutrition (listed under our former name, Busy Babes Nutrition) on page 28!

"Mary-Catherine is AMAZING! She joined me as the Guest Speaker on the Warrior Women Wednesday meetup on Clubhouse. What an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Ladies (& Gentlemen), if you are looking for a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mary-Catherine is your girl! She can craft meal plans around your allergies, any medical issues, and your schedule!"
busy girls guide podcast
Busy Girl's Guide to Health Podcast

In this episode we go over:

  • Why emotional eating is normal
  • The need for proactive stress management
  • How to get out of the cycle of chronic dieting, bingeing, and restricting
  • Signs that you’re an emotional eater
It's a Military Life Blog

Minimizing Pantry Waste:

“We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready to move and you probably have quite a few groceries left. I mean, when do you really stop buying groceries? After all, you have to feed yourself, your spouse, and likely some kids or fur babies.”

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De-Stress from Your PCS Summit Speaker

On September 20 at 12 pm EST, Mary-Catherine presented on how to manage stress eating for optimal digestion as part of the De-Stress from Your PCS Summit, hosted by Erica Snyder of Ama to Prana.

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APSU Wellness Fair

Mary-Catherine represented nutrition as part of the physical dimension of wellness for the Austin Peay State University Wellness Fair, hosted by APSU Career Services.

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Nominated Top 5 for Best of Clarksville

Defy Nutrition was nominated for Best Local Health/Medical Office in Clarksville, Tennessee. This Best of Clarksville nomination is huge! 

AMSE Member Spotlight

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere is not trying to sell you another diet program or a quick way to lose a few pounds. In her own words, “I want to reset nutrition mindsets and challenge the ‘rules’ about food and how we eat.

"I highly recommend working with Mary Catherine. She met every goal I had and more."
Maker Monday ad with Mary-Catherine LaBossiere
Moving with the Military Facebook Guest

Moving with the Military brings on special guest, Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, to talk about nutrition and how to make a healthy plate!

Health Women Warriors Podcast Guest

Mary-Catherine talks with health coach, Ashleigh Magee, about how to make “fall back” meals, the dangers of when the packaging makes food look “healthy,” organic food and when you should splurge on it, the benefits of fiber, intermittent fasting, and much more.

Pop Up Live with photo of Mary-Catherine
Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Coach

As a pop-up live for the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE), Mary-Catherine talks about how to manage emotional eating during times of high stress. You can also check out AMSE’s member spotlight feature article on our coach, Mary-Catherine!

"Mary-Catherine is extremely knowledgeable and has been an amazing resource for both my clients and audience. I’ve had her as a guest on my podcast multiple times and learn new insights each time. I highly recommend her as a speaker, podcast guest, and more! She’s my go-to RD for my business!"
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Ashleigh Magee
Health Coach
field roast smoked apple and sage plant-based sausage
9 High-Protein Vegan Sausages Dietitians Love

Shopping for the best plant-based sausages may be confusing, considering there are so many different options available. To narrow down your search, we tapped several dietitians to break down what to look for when choosing plant-based sausages.

portrait of Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, registered dietitian and owner of Defy Nutrition
10 Must Do's When Starting a Healthcare Business

In her guest blog article, Mary-Catherine talks about becoming a military spouse entrepreneur and the 10 must do’s when starting a healthcare business.

Military Special Operations Family collaborative action loop
Military Special Operations Family Collaborative Ambassador

MSOF’s Health and Fitness Program is designed to connect special operations family members to a variety of health and fitness expertise. It is a space to ask a questions to experts who understand the challenges unique to special operations.

woman bringing meal dish to man
Eat This Not That - Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

“Instead of waiting for dinner with a grumbling stomach, allow yourself to munch on some appetizers,” says (Stockman) LaBossiere. “Crunchy veggies are a great low-calorie option that can satisfy hunger pangs quickly.”

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Pride and Grit - Take Control of Emotional Eating

Using food to respond to emotions is common. In fact, over 1 in 3 people report emotional eating – and this number has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Mary-Catherine’s guest blog post for Pride + Grit

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Call to Marriage Podcast Guest

In this podcast episode, Mary-Catherine gives tips on how to combat emotional eating, how to throw away the mindset of restrictive eating, and so much more.