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Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition is relevant in numerous environments, including:

» The office, where everyone knows the break room contains 99% unhealthy snacks. Corporate lunch and learns can offer an opportunity to advance team education, build community, and promote a culture of health. 

» The military unit, where high OPTEMPO and daily stressors may lead service members to skip meals, rely on energy drinks, or resort to the fast food drive through.

» The spouses’ group, where military spouses are trying to prioritize family nutrition and wellbeing while managing 32,498 other tasks. 

» The gym, where your clients are ready to bring their fitness to the next level and need nutrition alongside their fitness plans to see maximum results. 

» The virtual meeting space, where participants are eating and drinking while talking and frequently miss out on the concept of mindful eating

» And more!

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Examples of Previous Workshops

The 5by5 Performance Therapy Series through the Pararescue Foundation

Mary-Catherine taught nutrition to pararescuers, combat rescue officers, and their families alongside Dr. Jennifer Byrne. Topics included:

  • Nutrition for performance
  • Supplementation
  • Caffeine intake
  • Proper hydration
  • Meal planning as a family 
room of people at orange theory fitness

Orange Theory Fitness Nutrition Workshop

Mary-Catherine led a workshop on nutrition for participants of the Transformation Challenge. Topics included:

  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition
  • General healthy meals
  • Meal planning and preparation for busy individuals
  • Understanding InBody scan results
  • How to build a balanced plate 

Girl Scouts Troop 934 Nutrition Badge Workshop 

Mary-Catherine facilitated a workshop for the local Girl Scouts to help them earn their Simple Meals Badge! During this interactive workshop, Mary-Catherine taught the girls about:

  • Nutrition 101
  • MyPlate
  • How to build a healthier meal
  • How to create a balanced snack
  • How to read a nutrition label
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Bring nutrition into your workplace, gym, company, or nonprofit organization!

How It Works

Mary-Catherine is open to traveling to you!

*Based on where the workshop is held, travel and accommodation reimbursement may be included in the contract as well as a per diem request for meals.