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Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition is relevant in numerous environments, including:

» The office, where everyone knows the break room contains 99% unhealthy snacks. Corporate lunch and learns can offer an opportunity to advance team education, build community, and promote a culture of health. 

» The military unit, where high OPTEMPO and daily stressors may lead service members to skip meals, rely on energy drinks, or resort to the fast food drive through.

» The spouses’ group, where military spouses are trying to prioritize family nutrition and wellbeing while managing 32,498 other tasks. 

» The gym, where your clients are ready to bring their fitness to the next level and need nutrition alongside their fitness plans to see maximum results. 

» The virtual meeting space, where participants are eating and drinking while talking and frequently miss out on the concept of mindful eating

» And more!

room of people at orange theory fitness
Mary Catherine did an amazing job at the Orangetheory Fitness workshop! Members learned so much from her about how to properly fuel their bodies. She engaged them by asking about questions they had and made it interactive and fun with games as well. I would recommend her to anyone looking to do a nutrition workshop!
testimonial by caleb kolb: mary-catherine is amazing to work with! she has helped dozens of our clients with their health and nutrition needs. all of our clients have absolutely wonderful things to say about her. i highly recommend defy nutrition

Examples of Previous Workshops

The 5by5 Performance Therapy Series through the Pararescue Foundation

Mary-Catherine taught nutrition to pararescuers, combat rescue officers, and their families alongside Dr. Jennifer Byrne. Topics included:

  • Nutrition for performance
  • Supplementation
  • Caffeine intake
  • Proper hydration
  • Meal planning as a family 
room of people at orange theory fitness

Orange Theory Fitness Nutrition Workshop

Mary-Catherine led a workshop on nutrition for participants of the Transformation Challenge. Topics included:

  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition
  • General healthy meals
  • Meal planning and preparation for busy individuals
  • Understanding InBody scan results
  • How to build a balanced plate 

Girl Scouts Troop 934 Nutrition Badge Workshop 

Mary-Catherine facilitated a workshop for the local Girl Scouts to help them earn their Simple Meals Badge! During this interactive workshop, Mary-Catherine taught the girls about:

  • Nutrition 101
  • MyPlate
  • How to build a healthier meal
  • How to create a balanced snack
  • How to read a nutrition label
Mary-Catherine presenting to girls sitting on couch

Bring nutrition into your workplace, gym, company, or nonprofit organization!

How It Works

Mary-Catherine is open to traveling to you!

*Based on where the workshop is held, travel and accommodation reimbursement may be included in the contract as well as a per diem request for meals.