Defy Nutrition


Are you ready to take control of your health?

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Whether you want to elevate your physical performance, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, or finally get your gut health in check, it’s time to defy the diet rules and find a lifestyle that works for you. 


Or maybe you’re that person who starts something just to fall off track a couple weeks later. Here’s the thing: We’ve all done it. We start something that we’re not fully confident we can accomplish. We don’t set ourselves up for success. Maybe you didn’t fail the goal, but the goal failed you!


If you aren’t reaching your nutrition goals, you’re probably lacking: 

  • Knowledge of how to make healthier choices
  • Self-awareness of what’s really holding you back (take our free quiz!)
  • A team to back you
  • Accountability


Fret no more! Defy Nutrition offers individualized nutrition coaching to help you understand exactly what steps you need to take, how to take them, and what to do if (and when) you hit road blocks along the way.

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How It Works

We require a minimum 3-month commitment. Why? Because we want you not only to become equipped with the tools you need to improve your health but to have time to implement them and troubleshoot any obstacles that arise!


Pricing is as follows:

  • $425 per month for 6 months
  • $437 per month for 4 months
  • $450 per month for 3 months 
"This was absolutely the best decision I have made for me. The meetings are very friendly and conversational, while still being filled with so much information. All of the information was explained in a way that I understood, without feeling like I was being talked down to. I really appreciate that everything was done in steps instead of all at once."