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Black Friday Made Easy

Black Friday can be overwhelming and intimidating – I mean, how do you know which deals are truly worth your while? You may not want to buy a bunch of “stuff” on Black Friday, but let’s be real: Deals like this come once a year and the holidays are coming up, where gift-giving is common for many families. 

As someone who is money conscious herself, I want to help you be confident in the decisions you make when spending money – especially when it comes to purchases related to your health and wellbeing. So, I personally scoured through the Amazon  Black Friday deals and compiled this list of can’t miss deals. Some of these deals are already live now and have limited redemption times, so be sure to check back here frequently!

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Here’s what I looked for in each of the following products:

  • Percentage discount – is it substantial enough to make a difference?
  • Reviews – do products have at least 4 stars?
  • Usability – will this actually help you to put your health first, practice self-care, manage stress, and get in some joyful movement?


Last thing before we get into all these sales, you will need a Prime membership to actually take advantage of these deals. You can sign up for $7.49/month. If nothing else, the free 1-2 day shipping is worth that amount!


As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn commission from qualifying purchases if you use the links below. This does not affect how much you spend.


Talk about an all-in-one machine! This Ninja Hot and Cold Coffee and Tea Maker (30% off) has 6 brew sizes, 5 brew settings, and it comes with a 50 oz thermal carafe! The brew settings include classic, rich, over ice, cold brew or specialty. Plus, you can use this machine to froth milk for an at-home latte (see our video on making a DIY PSL here) or cappuccino or just to spice up your every day cup of joe. It also has separate baskets to keep flavors separate. This is a STEAL!

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I’m a sucker for multi-use appliances and tools. 

This Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Egg Maker allows you to hard boil and poach your eyes PLUS make omelets. I mean, does it get any easier?

Eggs are a great source of protein, and their yolks contain vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as fats that keep you full. Eggs are also know for their lutein content, which helps with vision. 

My favorite part? This egg maker is 40% off for Black Friday!

With Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, you can’t go wrong with saving 28% on this electric carving knife with storage case – and you probably even want to grab it before Thanksgiving day!

I honestly debated including this one in the list. Except for holidays, most people don’t cook whole birds or cuts of meat enough to grab this. HOWEVER… This is a great purchase because it 1) Saves time during the holiday meals and 2) Can be used year round on items like roasts, rotisserie chicken, and even stuffed pork loins. Plus I love that it comes with a storage case for safe keeping. 

Some kids (and even adults!) prefer the idea of an uncrustable over a “regular” sandwich. Want to keep the fiber of the crust while also saving money at the grocery store? Check out this sandwich cutter and sealer, which is nearly 30% off for Black Friday. 

This is a great way to spice up your bento box lunch and make it more entertaining for your kiddos! I love the look of this blush pink and marble bento box from Bentgo!

Many of us are moving toward more sustainable lifestyle choices, which can include composting. This Tiyafuro compost bin is perfect for the counter top or under the sink. Plus, it’s 25% off for Black Friday with an additional 10% coupon available.

If you care more about the aesthetic and want a more chic option, check out this bamboo compost bin. While it’s not currently on sale, deals change quickly around Black Friday!

There are few things more annoying than trying to sit down with your spouse for breakfast and one of you is waiting on the other’s toast. 

Okay, well, maybe not. BUT I do love the convenience of being able to toast 4 slices at once – especially if you are feeding many mouths.

This GE toaster is 29% off for Black Friday, making it a steal!

Top toast with peanut butter and unsalted pumpkin seeds for a quick grab-and-go snack or as a preworkout boost. 

Movement Areas

Notice I said “movement area” and not gym? If you’ve been following for a while, you know I focus on joyful movement more than rigid fitness in a gym. Why? Because if we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, it can be hard to keep up with. You might feel the pressure to follow the status quo and join a gym, but if hiking brings you joy and a gym does not – DEFY those rules

We have a magnetic rowing machine, and I love it because it’s: 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • QUIET!

Rowing is an underrated form of cardio that works the entire body. This rowing machine has an optional app and smart Bluetooth connectivity. PLUS, we can’t argue with it being 38% off

Do you work from home or have a primarily sedentary job?

We often hear about walking desks, but what about a bicycle desk? This folding exercise bike/desk (42% off for Black Friday) is a great option if you need to significantly focus. Plus, the desktop is fully adjutable with tilt forward, back, up and down whether you are standing or sitting. 

Not quite ready to add a walking desk or bicycle desk to your office? Try this underdesk elliptical machine (34% off), which is discrete but helps you build movement into your work day! 

You could even use this from your couch while binge watching your favorite shows or while standing at the back door watching your kids/dogs play outside. 

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell

I don’t know that I will ever remove these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells (36% off) from my deals watch list. I recently used my friend’s set when visiting her, and it was AMAZING how little space they took up and how easy it was to adjust the weight for what I needed.

This multipurpose utility weight bench (42% off) is just that – multifunctional. 

This particular option is a steal because it has a six-position backrest and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. I also love how sturdy this one is compared to cheaper models out there. 


This back massager with heat (20% off) provides deep tissue kneading massage and warmth! It’s perfect for your recliner or office chair. 

Having a sedentary job can lead to tense muscles, which can impact us in a variety of ways – from tension headaches to just feeling like we aren’t moving as well. 

While I will always advocate for routine massages, this is a great day to day option to practice self-care. 

Pura Fragrance Diffuser

Pura hasn’t released the details of their Black Friday deals, but but I have to share because it’s been a game changer for my sleep routine.

Pura is a fragrance diffuser that utilizes essential oils. It holds up to 2 fragrances at a time and is connected to an app. I’ll admit – at first, I wasn’t a fan of needing an app to use the diffuser. But, it’s actually been incredibly beneficial. I scheduled a relaxing scent for nighttime (about an hour before bed) and a bright, invigorating scent for the morning (about 15 minutes before I wake up). 

Remember how we talked about lack of sleep and how it can lead us to craving high fat, high sugar foods? 

Using a sound machine can help you both fall and stay asleep. Plus, I love that this one is portable so if you have kiddos or want to bring it into another room, it’s super easy to do so!

Being 1) the daughter of an HVAC guy and 2) the mom of 2 very “sheddy” dogs, I have come to appreciate the role of air purifiers over the last few years. 

This white and gray BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier (34% off) is a great option for those large rooms and is known for its quiet presence. It is also Energy Star rated!

Air purifiers also can be a great idea if you live in a new build home and/or in older housing that has higher risks of air pollutants and mold.

Some Other Ways to Save Money

The holidays can bring more financial stress than usual, so here are a few other ways to help you save money this year:

Everyone is eligible to use Rakuten (formerly ebates). Join and spend $40 using this referral link, and we both get $40! You can install a browser extension or use the Rakuten app to take advantage of their cash back deals (many of which are higher during Black Friday!)

Military, first responders, students, teachers, government employees and healthcare providers can get exclusive discounts and cash back through

Filling up your tank before hitting the stores? Download the Upside app. If you create an account using this referral link, you can get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase. If you have trouble with the link, use promo code 9WYYG. I’ve heard 2 tank full’s worth of gas in just 5 months of using this app. 

Download the Honey extension and add to your browser to learn about the best deals.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales on These Products

This one is for my fellow New Englanders who drink iced coffee year round – no matter what the temperature is outside.

This Kitchen Aid cold brew coffee maker makes up to19 servings that stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Plus you can make your own cold foam at home using a milk frother (41% off), immersion blender (33% off), French press (26% off + additional 5% coupon), or mason jar (16% off).

If you are a military family or just someone trusting someone else to move your stuff during a relocation, Apple AirTags are a super helpful tool to keep track of your household goods! 

Once you’ve settled into your new place, you can use them to help

  • Keep track of your pets
  • Stop losing your keys
  • Track your diaper bag, and more!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Watch for

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set – 5% coupon available now

Esarora Ice Roller – 20% off  coupon available now

Under Eye Mask Patches – $2 coupon available now

AirPods Pro (2nd gen) – 8% off available now

Nuun Electrolyte tabs – 31% off now

Stainless steel drinking straws – 23% off available now

MagSafe portable charger – no discount available yet

Vegan soap bar – no discount available yet

Essential Oil Shower Steamers – no discount available yet

woman looking at smartphone

New on the Watch List!

Updated November 22

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware Set – 24% off + $19.50 coupon available now

Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch – 57% off 

Samsung Frame – 33% off

Fire TV Stick 4K – 50% off 

Echo Dot (3rd gen) – 63% off

Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Classic Aviator (perfect for outdoor joyful movement!) – 30% off

Ring Indoor Camera (25% off) and Outdoor Floodlight Camera (30% off)

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress (because inadequate sleep increases cravings for high fat, higher sugar foods) – 23% off 

iRobot Roomba – 42% off 

Glass Storage Containers – 15% off

Combination Air Fryer/Toaster Oven – 20% off 

Happy shopping!

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About the Author

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, MPH, RD, LDN is a military spouse, registered dietitian, and the owner of Defy Nutrition. She started her career working in obesity and diabetes clinical research while earning her Master’s in Public Health. Mary-Catherine then transitioned to working in behavioral health. Now, Mary-Catherine is a full-time entrepreneur who helps individuals eat like human beings and develop healthier relationships with food. She is on a mission to empower women to ditch diet extremism and focus instead on sustainable habits. In her free time, she loves being active and exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dogs.

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