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Defy Stress Eating Challenge

Do you struggle with stress eating? Or boredom eating? Or maybe just inhaling your food while in the car on your way to the next thing on your schedule? 

Do you do so well during the day, just to sabotage your goals at night once your kids are finally in bed and you can have a minute to yourself to just breathe – and eat?

Do you use food as a method of relaxing, even when you aren’t hungry? 


Then this challenge is for you!

What's Involved
Most frequent questions and answers

Who is this challenge for?

While anyone can participate in the challenge, it might be a good fit if you:

  • Struggle to slow down
  • Are always on the go
  • Frequently eat to cope with emotions, stress, or boredom
  • Aren’t as in tune with your body as you’d like to be
  • Want to be more mindful when you’re eating

Where is it happening?

This pre-recorded challenge is available on the Practice Better platform. You’ll get the link and all the details by email once you fill out the form above. 

Stay tuned for the next live version, when we host this challenge through a private Facebook group. 

When does it start?

The live challenge has ended! The next pre-recorded option will open January 31, 2022. You can expect the next version in a few months!

How do I join?

Simply fill out the form above and we’ll email you with all the details! And yes – it is entirely FREE!

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