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Tools for Business Owners

This page contains affiliate links. As a result, I may make a commission off qualifying purchases.

Upcoming Symposia/Summits

Dietitian Entrepreneur Symposium for RDs and RD2Be’s  – Live March 28-31 with replays available! Preapproved for 30.5 CEUs

Introvertpreneur Summit – Live April 3-7 with 24-hour replays on free pass and lifetime replays with All Access Pass. 

Social Media Marketing

All-in-one scheduling platform where you can plan, analyze, and publish social media content. Later includes free guides on Instagram and Pinterest marketing, training on gaining followers and engagement, and more!

Digital Marketing and Automation

Flodesk is an email marketing service provider that is extremely helpful! Comes with numerous templates and the ability to create opt-in forms and landing pages. Ability to segment audience for personalized content. Use my affiliate Flodesk link to get 50% off!

Tool for creating online quizzes that segment your audience, generate leads, and drive traffic to your audience. Create a free account using my affiliate Interact link

Easy automation for busy people! Zapier integrates various applications to automate your processes. For example, I connect Google sheets to Flodesk so that any time I add a new row to my Google sheet, the individual is then added to Flodesk

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Nutrition-Related Tools

Complete practice management system for health and wellness professionals. Allows completion of client forms, tracking of client metrics, creation of tasks for easy tracking, and conduction of video sessions. Use my affiliate Practice Better link to try it out!

EatLove is a meal planning platform with over 5,000 recipes. It provides easy recipes, grocery lists, and smart swaps from your clients’ favorite restaurants. Get a discount by using my affiliate EatLove link!

Fullscript is a quality supplement dispensary that not only benefits your clients, but helps provide passive income. Practitioners can profit up to 35% on each supplement purchase.

Other Helpful Resources

Doing a lot of driving? Even if it’s just for networking meetings? Check out Upside, which provides cash back at gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores and more!

Use this link or enter my promo code 9WYYG to get an extra 15¢/gal in free gas the first time you use the app.

Did you know you can earn up to 35% cash back from Canva by using Rakuten? This is just one of HUNDREDS of online purchases where you can receive cash back. Use this link to join, then spend $30 and you get $30 back!

Upload videos to use in courses, masterclasses, social media pages, and more! Provides the ability to customize to your brand and embed on your website. Use my affiliate Vimeo link to try it out!

Store all of your passwords across all your devices without sacrificing security. You can also use this to share login access with contractors and employees without showing them the passwords. This also gives you the ability to rebuke access with a single click.

Connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance books, and be ready for tax time. Generate robust reports that are easy to use and show your business’s progress over time.


Atomic Habits: Novel by James Clear that talks about how to implement better habits in the simplest of ways. Check out Atomic Habits on Amazon using my affiliate link.


Profit FirstNovel by Mike Michalowicz on how to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine. Check out Profit First on Amazon using my affiliate link.


24 Assets: Work smarter, not harder with this book by Daniel Priestley that points out the numerous assets you already have in your business. Purchase it using my Amazon affiliate link

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