Black Friday 2022 Made Easy

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Gone are the days (mostly) where people are pushing each other to get through the doors. Now we have the luxury of shopping Black Friday sales mostly online and having them shipped straight to our door! Here are some great Black Friday deal finds to get your list started.

How to Revamp Your Boring Salad

salad with yellow peppers and tomatoes

Many people equate salads with losing weight, but this is a common misconception. Read this blog if you want to build a better salad that’s actually satisfying!

My Personal Weight Journey

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Going from being the “big girl” growing up to developing (then recovering from) an eating disorder helped me become the dietitian I am today.

16 Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!


Let’s be real. Nothing says holiday season like scrumptious drinks, savory dishes, and well… Black Friday!
Of course, as a small business owner myself, I am a huge proponent of shopping small whenever you can and supporting local businesses. But I’m also not immune to the reality of amazing steals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve compiled a list to help you take advantage of the BEST deals this November.

Why You Sabotage Your Health during the Holidays

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We’re approaching that time of year when everything starts to go downhill or put on the backburner in terms of your health. Read this article to learn how you’re self-sabotaging your health and why you need to leave that sabotage behind!

What is Mindful Eating

person mixing cereal milk and strawberry jam in white ceramic bowl

Mindful eating is all the buzz, but what is it and why does it even matter? Mindful eating is a practice that brings intention and awareness to meal times.

What is diet culture?

kid weighing on scale

Nowadays, it may seem like everyone is anti diet-culture. But what does that even mean?

5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy Professionals​

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Let’s be real. You don’t have all the time in the world to spend in the kitchen. You’re out there conquering the world – managing a household, running a business or working a job with crazy hours, bringing your kids here, there and everywhere. You need tools to help you spend less time in the kitchen while not missing out on key nutrients! Read below to learn the 5 kitchen essentials you need to spend less time cooking and have better nutrition.

Prime Early Access Deals Worth Buying

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Exclusive Prime member deals are now live! If you’re wondering how to improve your nutrition, update your kitchen equipment, or manage stress eating, this is the blog for you!

Prime Day Deals, Oh My!

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This list contains can’t miss deals during Prime Days. Some of these deals have limited redemption times, so be sure to check back here frequently!

Why I advocate for women to be their own healthcare advocates

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This post is much more personal, and includes issues that I have personally experienced. This is my inspiration behind empowering women to be their own advocates and pushing for answers. I share this message with immense understanding for the individual human, the individual care provider because I, myself, am a healthcare provider. But our healthcare system is broken, and we need to help fix it.

How to Make Your Meal Look More Appetizing

If your food tastes good but looks terrible, you aren’t going to be eating that meal for long! Here are 5 tips to makeover that sad meal so you actually get excited to eat again.